HISTORY OF VIDEO GAMES (1940's - 2010's)


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This is website about history of video games and video games "Firsts". What was first color game? First racing game? First banned game? First 3D Game? You will find all these game here! Plus -Retro reviews and photos from old magazines!. All games listed chronologically. You'll find on this site - original posters and cover arts, most interesting trivia for each game, rare original videos of gameplay and more (screenshots, secrets and deleted materials from these games, first teviews and previews). All innovative games from 1947 to our times!

Video games of 1940's


Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device (analog                    First video game ever


Video games of 1950's


Draughts programme (NPL Pilot ACE)                                  First game to use computer memory



OXO     (EDSAC)                                                                   First game with random-access memory



Pool     (MIDSAC)                                                                 First real time graphics


Auto Test (arcade)                                                               First full motion video game



Tennis for Two (Donner Analog Computer 3500)                 Advanced graphics, First tennis video game



Mouse in the Maze (TX-0)                                                    First light pen video games

Tic-tac-toe        (TX-0)

Video games of 1960's


Spacewar!      (DEC PDP-1)                                                    First digital computer game


Brown Box
(dedicated console)                                             
First video game console prototype



The Sword of Damocles  (TX-2)                                            First augmented reality and 3D graphics



Space Travel  (GE-645)                                                          First simulator with realistic physics


Missile (arcade)                                                                     First game to use film as gameplay part

Video games of 1970's


Star Trek (SDS Sigma 7)                                                         First game based on TV show


Galaxy Game (arcade)                                                            First arcade electronic video game


Road Runner (arcade)                                                             First holographic video game


Computer Space  (arcade)                                                       First game with sound



Hunt the Wumpus (PDP-10)                                                     First adventure video game


Pong (arcade)                                                                          Third arcade game



Gotcha  (arcade)                                                                       First color game


Space Race (arcade)                                                                  First racing game


Maze War (Imlac PDS-1)                                                           First 3D first person shooter



Basketball (arcade)                                                                   First game with sprites


Gran Trak 10 (arcade)                                                              First car racing game


Speed Race (arcade)                                                                 First game with scrolling graphics


Spasim (PLATO)                                                                        First 3D space game


Balloon Gun (arcade)                                                                First two-player light gun game


Airfight (PLATO)                                                                       First 3D flight simulator


Wild Gunman (arcade)                                                              First full motion light gun video game


Advanced Simulator for Pilot Training (ASPT)                            First full motion CGI video simulator


Bulls & Cleots (HP 9800)                                                           First game for personal computer



dnd (PLATO)                                                                             First role-playing game


Dungeon (PDP-10)                                                                   First RPG game to use "line of sight"


Atari Pong (dedicated console)                                                 First console game with sound


Shark Jaws (arcade)                                                                  Advanced animated characters


Panther (PLATO)                                                                       First 3D vehicle simulator


Gun Fight (arcade)                                                                    First video game with stereo sound


Moria (PLATO)                                                                           First 3D RPG game


Interceptor (arcade)                                                                   First sprite scaling


Gun Smoke (arcade)                                                                  Second holographic game


Steeplechase (arcade)                                                                First sidescrolling game



Road Race (arcade)                                                                    First curved road scrolling racing


Moto-Cross (Fonz) (arcade)                                                       First haptic feedback


Crashing Race (arcade)                                                              First car combat


Death Race (arcade)                                                                   First protests against video game


Heavyweight Champ (arcade)                                                     First fighting game


Mattel Auto Race (dedicated console)                                         First handheld video game


Nurburgring 1 (arcade)                                                              First 3D racing game


Nurburgring 3 (arcade)                                                              First 3D racing with visible road and skies


Knights in Armor (arcade)                                                          First martial arts game with weapon


Starship 1 (arcade)                                                                     Advanced 3D graphics



Air (PDP-11)                                                                              First multiplayer 3D flight combat simulator


Space Wars (arcade)                                                                   Advanced vector graphics


Star Ship (Atari 2600)                                                                First console 3D game


Super Bug (arcade)                                                                     First game with scrolling  playfield



Alto Trek  (Xerox Alto)                                                               First game to use computer mouse


Frogs (arcade)                                                                            First jumping character


Space Invaders (arcade)                                                              First shoot 'em up


MUD1 (PDP-10)                                                                          First MUD game


Escape! (Apple 2)                                                                       First 3D personal computer game


Test Driver (arcade)                                                                   Advanced racing game to use film


Santa paravia en fiumaccio (TRS-80)                                          First "God" game


Beneath Apple Manor (Apple 2)                                                   First top-down free-roaming RPG


Pork Barrel  (TRS-80)                                                                  First political game      


Superman (Atari 2600)                                                               First licensed game based on a movie


Star Fire (arcade)                                                                        Advanced 3D graphics



Starhawk (arcade)                                                                      Advanced 3D vector graphics


Block Buster (Microvision)                                                          First handheld game with LCD display


Basketball (arcade)                                                                    First sports game with advanced graphics


Warrior (arcade)                                                                         First motion capture game


Galaxian (arcade)                                                                       First enemies with individual personalities


Ozma Wars (arcade)                                                                   First game with separate levels


Nuerburgring Powerslide (arcade)                                              First color 3D racing


Galactic Empire (TRS-80)                                                           First real time strategy


Speed Freak (arcade)                                                                  First free roam 3D racing game


Monaco GP (arcade)                                                                    Advanced sprite scaling


Sheriff  (arcade)                                                                          First game with background music


Manbiki Shounen (Commodore Pet)                                            First stealth game


Video Pinball (arcade)                                                                First video game with realistic physics

Video games of 1980's



Mystery House (Apple 2)                                                  First game with ending


Pac-Man (arcade)                                                             First cutscenes


Defender (arcade)                                                            Advanced side-scrolling game


Stratovox (arcade)                                                           First synthesized voices

Berzerk (arcade)                                                              First game that killed a player


Battlezone (arcade)                                                         Advanced 3D vector graphics

Red Baron (arcade)                                                          Advanced 3D flight game

Wizard and the Princess (Apple 2)                                   First adventure
color game


Star Castle (arcade)                                                         Advanced artificial intelligence

Space Panic (arcade)                                                       First platformer

Space Tactics (arcade)                                                     First pseudo-stereoscopic 3D effect


Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the

Mad Overlord (Apple 2)                                                   First 3D RPG with color graphics 



Gorf (arcade)                                                                   First game with different level design


Donkey Kong (arcade)                                                     First jumping over the objects


Quarter Horse (arcade)                                                    First game to use LaserDisc    


Turbo (arcade)                                                                 First third-person 3D racing


Football Manager (TRS-80)                                              First sports manager


Softp..n Adventure (Apple 2)                                           First adult game    


Haunted House (Atari 2600)                                            First survival horror


Scramble (arcade)                                                           First forced side-scrolling game


Jump Bug (arcade)                                                          First parallax scrolling


Yakyuken (MZ-80K)                                                        First adult game with graphics


Bradley Trainer (arcade)                                                 First 3D professional military simulator



Zaxxon (arcade)                                                            First isometric game


Astron Belt (arcade)                                                       First LaserDisc game with sprites


Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0 (DOS)                              First full color flight simulator


SubRoc-3D (arcade)                                                      First stereoscopic 3D game


Alien Garden (Atari 8-bit)                                              First art game 


Pole Position (arcade)                                                    Advanced 3D racing game


Xevious (arcade)                                                            First pre-rendered graphics    


Lolita: Yakyuken (FM-7)                                                 First anime game


Moon Patrol (arcade)                                                      Advanced parallax scrolling


Phantom Slayer (TRS-80 color)                                       First color first-person shooter


Wayout (Atary 8 bit)                                                       First 3D game with 360 degree freedom


Treasure Hunt (DOS)                                                      First third-person 3D game


Night Life (PC-88)                                                          Advanced adult game


Tumbleweeds (Atari puffer and Atari 400)                     First exergame


Maze Mania  (laserdisc player)                                       First  interactive live action game


Wabbit (Atari 2600)                                                       First depiction of female protagonist


AX-6: Powered Knight (NEC PC-6001)                           First Mecha game



Dragon's Lair (arcade)                                                    First interactive animated movie


Moondust (Commodore 64)                                           First music game

Journey (arcade)                                                            First game with digitized graphics


TX-1 (arcade)                                                                First nonlinear racing game

Bruce Lee (Atari 8-bit)                                                   First beat 'em up     


Star Arthur Legend - Planet Mephius (FM-7)                 First point and click game


King's Quest (PCjr)                                                        First animated adventure game


Star Rider (arcade)                                                        First LaserDisc game with 3D graphics


Cosmo Lemans (Tomytronic 3D)                                   First stereoscopic 3D handheld game


I, Robot (arcade)                                                           First 3D polygonal graphics


NFL Football (arcade)                                                    First game on vinyl disc


Tropical Angel (arcade)                                                 First realistic female protagonist


Dancing Feats (Atari 8-bit)                                            First music simulator


Video Jogger (Atari 2600)                                              First game with floor game controller pad




Hogan's Alley (NES)                                                       First rail shooter


Astron Belt (Palcom MSX)                                              First home LaserDisc game with sprites


Kung-Fu Master  (arcade)                                             First sidescrolling beat 'em up


Karateka (Apple 2)                                                        First rotoscoping game


Rescue On Fractalus! (Atari 5200)                                 First 3D flight game with landscapes  


Pac-Land (arcade)                                                         Advanced parallax scrolling


Ice Climber (NES)                                                          First censored game


Thayer's quest (RDI Halcyon)                                        First speech recognition video game



Hang-On (arcade)                                                        First game to use 16-bit graphics


Space Harrier (arcade)                                                  First shadow from player in 3D game


Alternate Reality: The City (Atari 8-bit)                        First game to use ray casting


TwinBee (arcade)                                                         First cute'em up


Habitat (Commodore 64)                                             First MMORPG


Air Race (arcade)                                                         First racing game with flat-shaded 3-D polygons


NASA Virtual Reality Headset (custom computer)        First Virtual Reality headset



Scene of the Crime (Control-vision)                             First game on a videotape


Athletic World (NES)                                                     Advanced floor game controller


Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun (arcade)                              First isometric beat 'em up


Wibarm (PC-88)                                                            First  third-person 3D polygonal game


WEC Le Mans (arcade)                                                   First realistic road in 3D racing


Lock-On (arcade)                                                         First flight simulator with scaling sprites


Chiller  (arcade)                                                           First game to feature blood and gore



MIDI Maze (Atari ST)                                                     First first-person shooter with visible bullets 


Driller (Amstrad CPC)                                                   First FPS where you can look up and down 


Dance Aerobics (NES)                                                   First rhythm game


38 Ambush Alley (Action Max)                                      First live action light gun home game


Xybots (arcade)                                                             First 3D third-person shooter


Otocky (Family Computer Disk System)                         First generative music game


Thunder Blade (arcade)                                                 Advanced 3D flight game


Assault (arcade)                                                            First massive sprite rotation



The Colony (Macintosh)                                                 First full screen poligonal first person shooter


Winning Run (arcade)                                                    Advanced 3D racing game


NARC (arcade)                                                               First color digitized graphics


Reikai Doushi (arcade)                                                   First digitized fighting game


No Ri Ko (TurboGrafx 16 CD)                                         First game on compact disc



Prince of Persia (Apple 2)                                               Advanced rotoscoping


Blue lightning (Atary Lynx)                                              First 3D handheld game


S.T.U.N. Runner (arcade)                                                 First high-speed 3D polygonal graphics


Exterminator (arcade)                                                     First 3D digitized graphics for every element of the game


Die Hard (DOS)                                                                First full screen third-person shooter


Vette! (DOS)                                                                    First 3D open world racing


Video games of 1990's



Super Glove Ball (NES)                                                    First game with motion detection controller


U-Force power games (NES)                                           First game with infrared sensor controller


Corporation (Amiga)                                                       First dynamic lighting


Alpha Waves (Atari ST)                                                    First 3D platformer

R360 - G-Loc Air Battle (arcade)                                     First 3D 360 degree game with physically rotated player


Pit-Fighter (arcade)                                                         First fighting with digitized real life actors


Virtual Racquetball (Autodesk)                                       First standart VR video game


Galaxian 3 (GH-28 model) (arcade)                                 First video game amusement ride


The Super Spy (arcade)                                                   First shooter where arms and weapons are visible


Virtual s..x  (Autodesk)                                                   First VR adult game


Rad Mobile (arcade)                                                       First fog and rain effects in 3D game


International 3D Tennis (Amiga)                                    First sports 3D game


Tell Me Why 2 (CD-I)                                                      First home video game with CGI intro



Terminator 2 - Judgment Day (arcade)                           First game voiced by celebrity


4-D Boxing (Macintosh)                                                  First 3D fighting


Ancient Ys Vanished (Sharp X68000)                              Advanced pre-rendered animation


Street Fighter II (arcade)                                                 First fighting game to use combos


Hovertank One (DOS)                                                      First FPS that imitate human walk


Hunter (Amiga)                                                               First open world 3D game


Time Traveler (arcade)                                                    First specular holographic game


Catacomb 3D (DOS)                                                         First FPS with texture mapping


Arabian Fight (arcade)                                                     Most advanced 2D video game


Mario and me (custom computer)                                   First live action onscreen avatar


The Godfather: The Action Game  (Amiga)                      First realistic gangster's game


Terminator (DOS)                                                           First open world 3D city




Mortal Kombat (arcade)                                                  First fighting game with finishing move


Alone in the Dark (DOS)                                                  First 3D survival horror  


Comanche: Maximum Overkill (DOS)                              First game based on voxel technology


Gun Buster (arcade)                                                        First first-person shooter with light gun 


Virtua Racing  (arcade)                                                   Advanced 3D racing game


Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (DOS)                  First 3D game with varying heights floors and ceilings


Wolfenstein 3D (DOS                                                    Advanced first person shooter


The 7th Guest (DOS)                                                       First 3D adventure game


Sim Drive   (arcade)                                                        First Gouraud shading


Dark Edge (arcade)                                                         First mirror reflection effect in 3D game


Recca (NES)                                                                     First bullet hell game


Cyber Dome (arcade)                                                      First arcade augmented reality game



Hi-Ten Bomberman (NEC computer+Turbografx16)       First HD game


Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (DOS)                         First game with profanity


Doom (DOS)                                                                    First game to present panoramic skies


Virtua Fighter (arcade)                                                     First 3D fighting with zoomed and rotated viewpoint

Batsugun (arcade)                                                           Advanced bullet hell game


Daytona USA  (arcade)                                                     Advanced 3D racing game


Scramble (IBM Simon)                                                      First mobile phone game


Military Flight Simulator (Custom computer)                   Advanced 3D flight simulator



Killer Instinct (arcade)                                                     Highest quality pre-rendered fighting


Virtua Striker (arcade)                                                     First team sport game with 3D poligonal graphics


Earthbound (SNES)                                                          First postmodern video game


Descent (DOS)                                                                Advanced 3D textured environments

Sega Rally Championship (arcade)                                 
First game to feature driving on different surfaces


Rise of the Triad: Dark War (DOS)                                   First level-over-level environments


Magic Carpet   (DOS)                                                      First 3D water effect


The Horde (3DO)                                                           First strategy game with 3D elements


Mortal Kombat 2 (SNES)                                                 First game that supports haptic suit


Peg Game (Browser)                                                       First web browser game


Metaltech: EarthSiege (DOS)                                           First dynamic skies in 3D video game



Terminator: Future Shock (DOS)                                     Totally free mouse-look


Flight Unlimited (DOS)                                                    First flight simulator to use fluid dynamic physics


Soul Edge (arcade)                                                          Advanced motion capture


Phantasmagoria (DOS)                                                    First live action avatar


Fade to Black  (DOS)                                                        First polygonal third-person shooter


BS Chrono Trigger: Character Library  (SNES)                   First DLC (Downloadable content)


Battle Arena Toshinden 2 (arcade)                                  First 3D breast physics



Virtua Fighter 3 (arcade)                                                 Advanced 3D fighting game


Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)                                         First free dynamic camera system


Quake (DOS)                                                                   Advanced 3D first person shooter


SimCopter (Windows)                                                      First big 3D open world city


ZPC (Windows)                                                                First cel-shaded game


Cyber Pong (arcade)                                                        First motion detection game


Rocket Jockey (Windows)                                                 First game with ragdoll physics


Tunnel B1 (Playstation)                                                   First 3D lens flare effect


ReVolte (Windows)                                                          First self-shadowing



Dragon's Lair DVD-Rom (Windows)                                First game on DVD


Streets of SimCity (Windows)                                          First driving and shooting ability in 3D open world city


Blade Runner (Windows)                                                 First real time 3D adventure game


Beatmania (arcade)                                                         First musical instrument simulation


MDK (Windows)                                                              Advanced third person shooter graphics


Riven: The Sequel to Myst (Windows)                              First high-dynamic-range rendering


Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 (Windows)              First 2048x1536 resolution (2K)


Blast Corps (Nintendo 64)                                               First 3D fire


Montezuma's Return  (Windows)                                     First Bump-mapping


Des Blood (Windows)                                                      First CGI 3D adult video game



Dance Dance Revolution (arcade)                                   First 3D dance rhythm game


Unreal (Windows)                                                           First volumetric lighting


Half-Life (Windows)                                                       Advanced 3D graphics


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six (Windows)                             First fully 3D tactical shooter

Tenchu: Stealth Assassins (PlayStation)                          First 3D stealth game

Trespasser: Jurassic Park (Windows)                               Advanced ragdoll physics


Mizzurna Falls  (PlayStation)                                           First open world game with "walk and drive" abilities


I'm Your Man (DVD player)                                             First game for DVD players


Clock Tower 2: The Struggle Within  (Playstation)          First 3D psychological horror game


Brave Fire Fighters (arcade)                                           First phong shading


Quake 3 Arena (Windows)                                              First "shader" system


Descent 3 (Windows)                                                     First procedural texturing


Shenmue (Dreamcast)                                                   Advanced open world game


Urban Chaos  (Windows)                                               First modern open world game


Gran Turismo 2 (PlayStation)                                        Best-selling single platform game


Outcast (Windows)                                                       First bloom lighting and depth of field


WinBack: Covert Operations  (Nintendo 64)                  First "cover and shoot" gameplay mechanics


Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury (Windows)                   Advanced facial motion capture


Requiem: Avenging Angel  (Windows)                           First 3D bullet  time


Kingpin: Life of Crime (Windows)                                  First 3D gangster's game


Video games of 2000's



Police 911 (arcade)                                                      First full motion detection game


Tread Marks (windows)                                               Advanced destructible terrain


ARQuake (UNIX custom computer)                              First outdoor augmented reality game


Harley Davidson: Wheels of Freedom (Windows)          First game with Havok physics engine


Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force   (Windows)                First game with anisotropic filtering


Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast)                                            First fully cel-shaded game


Giants: Citizen Kabuto (Windows)                                First normal mapping


Gift (Windows)                                                             First unified lightning and shadowing




Grand Theft Auto 3 (PlayStation 2)                              First modern realistic sandbox game


ICO (PlayStation 2)                                                      Advanced key frame animation


Metal Gear Solid 2:Sons of Liberty (PlayStation 2)        First postmodern philosophical action game


Red Faction (PlayStation 2)                                          Advanced destructible environments


Max Payne  (Windows)                                                 Advanced third-person shooter graphics


Pirates of the Caribbean (Arcade)                                 First game with multiple combined surround screens 


Halo: Combat Evolved (Xbox)                                       First screen space crepuscular rays


Silent Hill 2 (Xbox)                                                       First per-pixel lighting


PainStation  (arcade)                                                    First game with pain feedback     


Virtua Fighter 4 (arcade)                                              Advanced normal mapping



The Legend of Zelda:The Wind Waker (GameCube)      Advanced  unified lighting



EyeToy: Play (PlayStation 2)                                         First motion detection game with interactive display


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (Playstation 2)                    Advanced soft body physics



Doom 3 (Windows)                                                     First fully dynamic per-pixel lighting


Half-Life 2 (Windows)                                                Advanced detailed physics simulation


Myst IV: Revelation  (Windows)                                   Advanced entirely pre-rendered graphics


Painkiller (Windows)                                                   First game with giant bosses


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PlayStation 2)           Best selling multiplatform game


Quake 3: Ray Traced (Windows)                                 First ray tracing in video games


Resident Evil 4 (GameCube)                                       First over-the-shoulder viewpoint


Half-Life 2:  Lost Coast (Windows)                             First cube mapping


Condemned: Criminal Origins (Xbox 360)                  First ambient occlusion


Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard (Windows)          First game to use Physx


F.E.A.R.   (Windows)                                                   Advanced depth of field


Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (Windows)                       First game with parralax mapping



The House of the Dead 4 Special (arcade)                  Advanced haptic feedback


Resistance: Fall of Man (PlayStation 3)                       First game to use Blu-Ray disc


Wii Sports (Wii)                                                         Advanced remote controllers techology


TOCA Race Driver 3 (Windows)                                 First game to use amBX


Natural selection 2 prototype (Windows)                  First dynamic infestation


Indiana Jones (Xbox 360)                                         First game with Euphoria engine



Crysis (Windows)                                                       First screen space ambient occlusion


3rd Space Incursion (Windows)                                  Advanced haptic suit


The Eye of Judgment  (PlayStation 3)                         First modern augmented reality game

Assassin's Creed  (PlayStation 3)                               Advanced 3D cinematics, first 4K resolution


Dragons Lair (Blu-ray player)                                    First game for Blu ray players




Crysis Warhead (Windows)                                         First global ambient lighting system


Battlefield: Bad Company (Xbox 360)                        Advanced destructible environments


Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox 360)              Advanced destructible environments


Mirror's Edge (Xbox 360)                                           Advanced 3D platform video game


Grand Theft Auto 4 (Xbox 360)                                  Advanced open world game


Alone in the Dark (Windows)                                      First dynamic fire propagation


Far Cry 2 (Windows)                                                  Advanced vegetation



Project Milo (Xbox 360)                                             First 3D face and voice recognition


DiRT 2 (Windows)                                                      First displacement mapping


Video games of 2010's



Mafia 2 (Windows)                                                    First game with Physx APEX


Vanquish   (PlayStation 3)                                         First 3D rocket-sliding mechanics


Heavy Rain  (PlayStation 3)                                        Advanced motion capture


Target Shooting (Nintendo 3DS)                                First stereoscopic 3D handheld game without 3D glasses



L.A. Noire  (PlayStation 3)                                         Advanced motion capture



Black Mesa (Windows)                                              Most advanced game mod


The Secret World (Windows)                                     First TXAA anti–aliasing


Keep of the Lich-Lord  (IPad)                                    First HD handheld game



Displair Holographic game (custom computer)        First fog screen holographic game


Crysis 3 (Windows)                                                  First diffuse shadows


Remember Me (Windows)                                        First game with physically based rendering



The Vanishing of Ethan Carter (Windows)                First game with photogrammetry



Streets of Fury EX (Windows)                                  Most advanced digitized game



Quantum Break (Windows)                                      Advanced in-game graphics



Days Gone (PlayStation 4)                                       First crowd A.I.

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