Speed Freak

Speed Freak (arcade) 1979


First free road 3D racing game, first 3D racing game with grahical depiction of player's car


Monochrome game.

Arcade system: unique.

Speed freak

Gameplay video

Pictures from manual


1) Vector game. Obstacles were mainly oncoming cars and police roadblocks. The off-road scenery is a stick figure cows, hitchhikers, and the occasional cactus, plane etc.

2) Processor - 5 Mhz.

3) First 3D racing game is Nurburgring 1.

4) "Speed Freak" cabinets appears in the 1980 movie "Midnight Madness".

5) First free road 3D game - player can freely move car left and right on the road.

6) Emulated in: MAME (not fully emulated).

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