ReVolte (Windows) 1996


First self-shadowing


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ReVolte back cd label ReVolte cd label ReVolte spine card

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1) Self-Shadowing - make allow non-static objects in the environment, such as game characters and interactive objects (buckets, chairs, etc.), to cast shadows on themselves and each other. For example, without self-shadowing, if a character puts his or her right arm over the left, the right arm will not cast a shadow over the left arm.

2) Second game with self shadowing was Montezuma's Return.

3) This game was exclusive for NEC PowerVR Graphics Cards. Game is impossible to emulate or run on another video card.
4) ReVolte is a 3D shoot' em up. You can control the speed and direction of your flight, in addition you can strafe, however you can't change the height you are flying at. To be able to hit enemies that are above yourself you can pitch the nose of your ship up and down by tapping the acceleration / deceleration keys.
5) Not only does the player ship cast a shadow on the ground, but the game even does self-shadowing on the player ship and environmental shadow volumes project their shadows onto the player ship and enemies alike.

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