Metaltech: EarthSiege

Metaltech: EarthSiege (DOS) 1994


First dynamic skies in 3D video game

Metaltech: EarthSiege

Gameplay video

Box art

Computer Gaming World (CGW) (Jan, 1995)
"Despite the aforementioned shortcomings, EARTHSIEGE emerges as the best attempt yet at creating a futuristic simulation of giant armored combat; of course, it's also the only game of its kind to come out in the last few years. The stunning graphics and animation are clearly a large step forward in the genre, and the design team's attempt at making the HERCs as believable as possible is clearly evident. A program patch is in the works, and additional Battlesets will become available, hopefully alleviating the chronic difficulty problems. EARTHSIEGE has the potential to become a great game, a potential thwarted by poor career-mode playability and a number of other problems. Die-hard fans of the genre may be able to overlook the design flaws, although less-interested gamers would be well-advised to wait for the arrival of the promised program updates before buying."


1) First 3D game with moving skies. Other early games with dynamic skies is Terra Nova: Strike Force Centauri (1996) and Quake (1996).

2) For other "Mecha" games watch AX-6: Powered Knight and Vanquish.

3) Emulated in: DOSBox

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