List of lost innovative games from this site

Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Device (1947)

Draughts programme (1951)

OXO (1952)

Pool (1954)

The Sword of Damocles (1968)

Space Travel (1969)

Star Trek (1971) (original version)

Balloon Gun (1974)

Advanced Simulator for Pilot Training (1974)

Bulls & Cleots (1974)

Dungeon (1975)

Crashing Race (1976)

Heavyweight Champ (1976)     

Nurburgring 3 (1976)  

Air (1977)  

Test Driver (1978)   

Manbiki Shounen (1979)    

Football Manager (1981)

Yakyuken (1982) (original version)

Mario and me (1991)

Sim Drive   (1992) 

Cyber Dome (1992)

Military Flight Simulator (1993)

Cyber Pong (1996)      

Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury (1999) (Cancelled game, playable demo only)

Quake 3: Ray Traced (2004)

Natural selection 2 Prototype (2006)

Indiana Jones (2006) (Cancelled game, playable demo only)

Project Milo (2009) (Cancelled game, playable demo only)

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