Bulls & Cleots

Bulls & Cleots (HP 9800) 1974


First game for personal computer


Game is lost

Silent, monochrome game.

Bulls & Cleots  video game
9805A COMPUTER (HP 9800)


1) Bulls & Cleots is a text video game representation of a board game Mastermind. Both the player and the computer think of a n-letter sequence of letters without duplicates, and take turns taking guesses. Answers are given in bulls (a correct character in the correct spot) and cleots (correct character but wrong spot).

2) The first game for home personal computer. Runs on obscure HP 9805A models of HP 9800 personal computers (then called "programmable calculators") by Hewlett-Packard.
3) Other early games for personal computers was Bagels (HP Programmable Calculator) 1975; Projectile (Compucorp Programmable Calculator) 1975; Number: A Number Guessing Game (Intel 8080) 1975; Attacke (Interton Video 2000) 1975; Shoot (Tektronix 4050) 1975; Deduce (COSMAC) 1976; Star trek (Altair 8800) 1976; first game for Apple 2 computer "Breakout demo" (1977).

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