Space Race

Space Race (arcade)   1973


First racing game.


Monochrome game.

Arcade system: Taito Discrete Logic

Space race poster
Original Poster

Gameplay video


1) The game is encoded entirely in discrete electronic components, like Atari's earlier games, and unlike later computer-based arcade games; the graphics are all simple line elements with the exception of the spacecraft, which are generated based on diodes on the circuit board arranged in the shape of half of a ship to represent the shape they create. That half ship is mirrored on the screen, similar to the diode array in Computer Space, which generated eight directions of a rotating ship with a mirrored four images.

2) Futuristic race for two players only, in which the player directs a vessel for top, while having to avoid the asteroids presented on the course.

3) Clone of the game known as "Astro race".

4) Emulated in: DICE

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