Virtual sex

Virtual sex (Autodesk)   1990


First VR adult game

Virtual sex autodesk

1) Application for virtual reality, showing a man mauling his virtual conquest provided by his headset and data glove & an unseen computer system. Virtual, in computer parlance, describes equipment or programs that assume one form yet give the illusion of another. Here, the image of the woman is provided by the system through goggles in the head-set; contact is effectively faked by optic-optic sensors in the black, rubber data glove, which relay information on aspect and movement of the man's fingers.

2) First VR 3D adult game is Cowgirl (2013) for Oculus Rift dk2.

3) Autodesk 3D studio Max tool also used in videogame development, like Trespasser: Jurassic Park.

4) Game is not emulated.

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