Video Jogger

Video Jogger (Atari 2600)  1983


First game with floor game controller pad (Foot Craz), first released exergame

video jogger

Gameplay video

Box cover art

Foot craz
Foot craz floor controller pad



1) First game with with floor game controller pad (Foot Craz), predecesor of  Athletic World (1986).   

2) This is a game to help you exercise. Once around the track is approximately thirty-five yards. To begin, step on the green dot on the pad. There are two tracks. The upper one is slower and the lower is faster. To play, step, alternately, on the blue and orange dots to make the happy face go around the track. You must not let the pace symbols that are circling the tracks touch you when they are red, only when they are green. To switch to the lower track, step on the red dot. To move back to the upper track, step on the yellow dot.

3) Foot Craz also released with a game Video Reflex.

4) First exergame was Tumbleweeds (1982).

5) Emulated in: Stella

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