Tread Marks

Tread Marks (Windows)   2000


Advanced  destructible terrain, first endless landscapes in videogames

Tread Marks game

Gameplay video

Review - Computer Games Magazine (2000)
"Tread Marks is fast, fun and looks great. It is a classic example of the creativity coming from today's small, independent software companies. There may be more of a lesson here than just "speed kills.""

1) Plot: You are in control of an artificially intelligent tank, that along with its fellow AI tanks, has decided
to abandon its human masters and just go have some fun.
2) Game has level called Black Mesa (watch Half-Life).

3) First destructible terrain was featured in Magic Carpet (1994). For more watch Red Faction (2002) and Battlefield: Bad Company (2008).

4) Emulated in: VMware

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