The Super Spy

The Super Spy (arcade)  1990


First first-person shooter where the player character's arms and weapons are visible on screen


Arcade system: SNK NeoGeo MVS

The Super Spy

Gameplay video

The Super Spy

1) The plot revolves around a C.I.A agent, named Roy Heart, who needs to traverse office buildings, and warehouses to stop a group of terrorists, known as the Zolge King terrorist group, led by a man name King (who bears a slight resemblance to Geese Howard in his business suit from the Fatal Fury and The King of Fighters franchises, both also by SNK). The group is responsible for the horrible murders of thousands caused by destroying the subways with bombs. As Mr. Heart, the player hunts through the terrorists' bomb factory for those responsible.

2) Idea of the first-person view with gun in the hands was taken from arcade tank and marine sumulators.

3) Emulated in: MAME

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