Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Xbox 360) 2008


Advanced destructible environments ("Digital Molecular Matter" featured dynamically destructible objects (like glass and wood), advanced body physics, advanced motion capture technology (CloneCam)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
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Magazine preview - Games tm (2008)

Magazine preview - Games tm (2008)

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1) Digital Molecular Matter" was first used in Indiana Jones (2006).
2) As of February 2010, the game has sold over seven million copies, and it is the fastest-selling Star Wars video game.
3) The game is based on LucasArts' proprietary "Ronin" game engine but also integrates third party technology: Havok for rigid body physics, Pixelux Entertainment's "Digital Molecular Matter" (DMM) for dynamically destructible objects, and NaturalMotion's Euphoria for realistic non-player character artificial intelligence.

4) The Force Unleashed is intended to make players think they are "actually, finally, in a Star Wars movie".
5) The Secret Apprentice is referred to several times as "Starkiller" either as a name or a codename. This was originally to be Luke Skywalker's last name in the first movies.
6) The lead actors not only voiced their characters, but their acting performances were captured in a variety of ways including on film, in photographs and with the latest, most advanced at the time motion capture
technology - "CloneCam" (technology recorded actor's voice and physical performances) (watch
Soul Edge (1995) for previous innovative capture techology and Heavy Rain (2010) and L.A. Noire (2011) for advanced versions).
7) This was the original intent, since it was co-conceived by George Lucas, making it G-Level canon. However, with the reshuffling of the Star Wars canon associated with Star Wars Rebels (TV show) and Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens movie, it seems this may no longer be the case.

8) Emulated in: Xenia (not fully emulated). Also Windows version exist.

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