Star Trek

Star Trek (SDS Sigma 7)   1971


First (unlicensed) game based on a TV show, first major game to be ported across hardware computer platforms by students.


Game is lost (No original screenshots exist).

Silent, monochrome game.

Star Trek 1971 game
Screenshot of C++ Port
SDS Sigma 7 Computer
SDS Sigma 7 Computer

Part of source code from the game

1) Game based on the original Star Trek television show (1969).

2) Game puts the player in command of the USS Enterprise on a mission to hunt down and destroy an invading fleet of Klingon warships.

3) In addition to being tied to the Star Trek subculture, popular with computer experts and programmers, Star Trek game is itself a piece of hacker lore. In recent years it has been ported to different languages, platforms, and seen the replacement of the text-based display with a variety of graphical versions.
4) Game developed out of a brainstorming session between Mike Mayfield and several high school friends in 1971. The original Star Trek television show had only recently ended its run and was still extremely popular. Mayfield and his "geeky friends" wrote down a number of ideas for a game, and during the summer holidays he then started incorporating as many of them as he could on an SDS Sigma 7 computer, using an illicitly borrowed account at the University of California, Irvine.

5) Game also available on Altair 8800; Commodore PET/CBM; Sol-20; Wang 2200 computers.

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