Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia (Apple 2) 1989


Advanced rotoscoping, second rotoscoping game (after Karateka)

Prince of Persia

Gameplay video

Prince of Persia
Rotoscoping process

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Magazine review - Computer Gaming World (CGW) (1989)
"Make no mistake. Prince of Persia is the lightest of light entertainment. There's no great brain-drain here and no social commentary. But what people too often forget is how difficult it is to be 'merely' entertaining and just how much fun 'light entertainment' can be. Star Wars was light entertainment, after all, and Prince of Persia is the Star Wars of its field."

1) Developed from 1985 - 1989.
2) The game drew from several sources of inspiration beyond video games, including literature such as the Arabian Nights stories (Aladdin) ,and films such as Raiders of the Lost Ark.
3) Creator Mechner used an animation technique called rotoscoping, in which he traced video footage of his younger brother running and jumping in white clothes. Method used for other actors too.

4) Some of the game's sword fighting sprites are from the 1938 film The Adventures of Robin Hood.
5) Charles Ardai of "Computer Gaming World" stated that the game package's claim that it "breaks new ground with animation so uncannily human it must be seen to be believed" was true. He wrote that Prince of Persia "succeeds at being more than a running-jumping game (in other words, a gussied-up Nintendo game)" because it "captures the feel of those great old adventure films", citing Thief of Baghdad, Frankenstein and Dracula. Ardai concluded that it was "a tremendous achievement" in gaming comparable to that of Star Wars in film.

6) Emulated in: AppleWin

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