NASA Virtual Reality Headset

NASA Virtual Reality Headset (1985) (custom computer)


First virtual reality headset (VR)

Gameplay video


1) Developed at NASA with help of VPL research. 

2) Costs $30.000-50.000. Have 64x32 monochromic resolution display, 25-30 Hz screens, Latency = > 90-120 ms or more.

3) Used most powerful at the time of release Silicon Graphics computer one for each lense (possible Cray computers).

4) VPL Research has developed several VR devices like the Data Glove, the Eye Phone, and the Audio Sphere. VPL licensed the Data Glove technology to Mattel, which used it to make an accessory known as the Power Glove (watch Super Glove Ball).

5) Has speech recognition, controller and gloves.

6) Used wireframe graphics, similar to first augmented headset The Sword of Damocles.

7) Game is not emulated.

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