Lolita: Yakyuken

Lolita: Yakyuken (FM-7)  1982


First anime game, first Bishojo game


Ortiginal FM-7 version is lost

Lolita: Yakyuken
Cover of PC 88 computer version (1983)

Gameplay video (PC-88 version 1983) (if you have original please contribute)

FM-7 computer
FM-7 computer

1) In 1983 was ported on PC 88.
2) In 1982 computer graphics come close to cartoon quality still images, which made possible to make first anime style game. Earlier games was too simple to display such images.

3) Bishojo ("pretty girl"; also referred to as Gal Game) is a rather vague designation, often used to describe any game in which the player character interacts with attractive anime-style girls, regardless of the adult content.

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