Interceptor (arcade)  1975


First sprite scaling, first 3D arcade game, first 3D first-person flight simulator.


Monochrome game with color overlay

Arcade system: Taito Discrete Logic

Interceptor arcade

Gameplay video

Interceptor arcade

1) An eight-way joystick is used to aim a crosshair and shoot at enemy aircraft that move in formations of two, in and out of the player's firing range.
2) Released in Japan in 1975. (along with another first arcade flight game Pursut, this game is lost).

3) For more sprite scaling watch Monaco GP (1979).

4) Sprite scaling allowed for characters, items, or other sprites to smoothly grow or shrink on the fly, allowing the development of three-dimensional games using sprites. Sprite-scaling was an early form of 3D texture-mapping.

5) Game is not emulated.

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