Battlefield: Bad Company

Battlefield: Bad Company  (Xbox 360)  2008


Advanced destructible environments (allows 90% of the environment to be destroyed, including buildings, vegetation,trees, grass,bushes, vehicles and ground).

Battlefield: Bad Company

Gameplay video

Battlefield: Bad Company
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Battlefield: Bad Company
Magazine commercial - Games tm (2008)

Magazine preview - Games tm (2008)

Magazine review - Games tm (2008)

Magazine review - Xbox 360 Official (2008)


1) In Mirror's Edge there is an elevator with a scrolling news ticker than mentions a story about Sedaristan. This is a country in Battlefield: Bad Company, made by same company DICE.

2) The only game in the series not translated to russian (there is a war between USA and Russia in the game).

3) Another game from 2008 with advanced destructible environments is Mercenaries 2 (excluding PS2 version).

4) Emulated in: Xenia (not fully emulated).

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