Yakyuken (MZ-80K) 1981


First game with nudity


Silent game

Yakyuken MZ-80K
Original Cover art
Yakyuken video game 1981
Magazine commercial 1981
Yakyuken video game

Screeenshots and cover art

MZ-80k computer
MZ-80k computer

1) Released on the first japanese home computer Sharp MZ-80K (1978).
2) Yakyuken is a Japanese variation of rock-paper-scissors wherein the loser of each round removes an article of clothing. This is first video game based on this game. Later game was ported on another computers.

3) Some other adult computer program existed in 1981 on Apple 2 (like "French postcards"),but it was not the games, but novels, when only action isto click next scene".

4) Game is not emulated.

5) Altought some nudity was shown in 1981 game "Frisky Tom" (arcade) in a cut scene, it was mostly covered (picture below).

Yakyuken video game
Japanese version of "Frisky Tom"

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