Wizard and the Princess

Wizard and the Princess (Apple 2)  1980


First adventure game to have color graphics.


Silent game.

Wizard and the Princess

Gameplay video

Wizard and the Princess
Picture from manual (Atari 8-bit version)

Earliest Review -  (Creative Computing Magazine (May 1981)

"The beauty and potential of this type of adventure is brought to a new high with The Wizard and the Princess ($32.95). I 

have mixed feelings about portions of it: nevertheless it was one of my favorites, and one of the most enjoyable games. It 

was also the most frustrating. While some players have been known to breeze through the game, others keep on running into trouble. Advanced adventurers shouldn't miss this challenge. You start in the town of Serenia. which borders the desert. The 

goal is to find and rescue an abducted princess. The first obstacle is finding the way across the desert. While the solution 

can be stumbled on through luck or careful thought, many people get hung up here. Once past the desert, there is a forest, an 

island, mountains, and a castle. Each major area contains a large collection of locations, giving the adventurer much ground to 

covered wonders beyond your reach. The other problem is that once the game is solved, there is nothing left to do with it. 

Since it is linear, you will have encountered every obstacle and seen every location after a successful play. On the other hand, 

finding the solutions and conquering the obstacles is a pleasure. For all the frustration encountered, the program made me think, 

and provided hours of fun."

Wizard and the Princess Mystery mansion
Wizard and the Princess and Mystery mansion magazine review -Creative_Computing (1982)

Magazine review-Electronic fun (1983)

Magazine review - Enter (1983)

1) Game based on the books tales that creator Roberta Williams used to read as a child - fairy tales, myths, and legends.
2) It is a prelude to the King's Quest series in both story and concept (though chronologically set several years before King's Quest V).

3) Emulated in: AppleWin

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