Virtual Racquetball

Virtual Racquetball (Autodesk)  1990


First VR exergame, first multiplayer virtual reality game

Virtual Racquetball


1) Virtual Racquetball tracked the position and orientation of an actual racquet that was used to hit a virtual ball in a virtual environment. This environment was shared with another user equipped with another tracked racquet, allowing the two users to play each other over phone lines.  Users could wear the VPL eyephones, an early Head-mounted display (HMD), that would provide more immersion. Other VR game by same company released same years was "Event Horizon Simulator" - primitive flight simulator that runs on personal computer, using conventional stereo headphones and a basic LCD headset.

2) First VR game is NASA Virtual Reality Headset (1985).

3) Autodesk 3D studio Max tool also used in other videogames, like Trespasser: Jurassic Park.

4) Game is not emulated.

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