Turbo (arcade)  1981


First-third person 3D racing, first third-person racing to feature multiple landscapes (cities, countrysides, seasides, bridges, and tunnels), first racing to feature different times of day and different weather conditions (clear weather and snow), advanced sprite scaling


Arcade system: Sega VCO Object

Turbo arcade 1981

Gameplay video

Turbo arcade
Arcade Cabinet Photo
Turbo (arcade)
Earliest Magazine review- Electronic Games (1982)
Turbo (arcade)
Magazine review- Electronic Games (1983)
Turbo arcade
Magazine review - Videogames (1982)

Magazine review - Videogaming Illustrated (1982)


1) Creator Hanawa stated that despite its historical significance as a precedent-setting racing video game, he considers the process of creating it to have been his worst development experience at Sega. Development of Turbo required such a difficult and protracted schedule of coding and debugging that he was hospitalized for a month following its completion due to stress, exhaustion and a spontaneously collapsed lung.

2)  Official Instructions (printed on bezel) :
Blue lamp indicator signals game start.
To win EXTENDED PLAY, pass 30 cars before timer counts down to "0".

3) First car racing game is Gran Trak 10 (1974). For more advanced 3D racing watch Pole Position (1982).

4) Emulated in: MAME (not full emulation - collision detection glitches)

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