Tropical Angel

Tropical Angel (arcade)     1983                                          


First realistic female protagonist


Arcade system: Irem M52

Tropical Angel

Gameplay video


1) First male protagonist was in Basketball (1974).

2) Other game with realistic female protagonists from 1983 is "Joshi Volleyball" (arcade)

3) Predecessor of female protagonist was in Atari 2600 adult games - Bachelorette party (1982), Lady in Wading (1982), Jungle Fever (1982), General Retreat (1982). Kid venture (1980) is not a game, its a slide show. First depiction of female protagonist was in Wabbit.

4) This title was only available as conversion kit (due to sexual overtones of the game) there were no dedicated cabinets made. The kit for this title would install in any cabinet with a horizontal monitor.

5) Also version called "New tropical angel" was released same year  - in it you can jump over platforms.

6) Emulated in: MAME

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