Time Traveler

Time Traveler (arcade)  1991


First specular holography game.


Arcade system: Sega Laser Disk

Time Traveler arcade

Gameplay video

Time Traveler arcade

Review (Ace) 1991\09

1) Game doesn't have standart monitor but instead uses a flat, dark stage called the "Micro-theater". The Micro-theater is composed of a big concave mirror that lies underneath the stage. Along with it, a 20 inch (50.8 cm) Sony TV sits in front of the mirror. The player controls are located on top of the TV equipment. A couple of neon colored geometric blocks placed at the back of the stage serves as the only background for the game.
2) Emulated in MAME. 
3) Laserdisc game by creators of Dragon's Lair (1983) and Thayer's quest (1984).

4) First fog screen holographic game is Displair Holographic game (2013). First holographic game was Road Runner (1971).
5) Specular (mirror) holography is a technique for making three dimensional imagery by controlling the motion of specular glints on a two-dimensional surface. The image is made of many specularities and has the appearance of a 3D surface-stippling made of dots of light. Unlike conventional wavefront holograms, specular holograms do not depend on wave optics, photographic media, or lasers.

6) In 2001, the game was published by Digital Leisure in PC CD-ROM and standard DVD formats. These home versions have the option to simulate the mirror reflection of the original arcade cabinet through a pair of anaglyph stereoscopic glasses due to the lack of the original arcade cabinet's hardware.

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