Target Shooting

Target Shooting (Nintendo 3DS)   2010


First stereoscopic 3D handheld game without 3D glasses, first handheld augumented reality game,  first augumented reality game without using of head mounted display

Target shooting 3ds
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Gameplay video

Target shooting 3ds
Nintendo 3DS
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Review -Andre Segers (2010)
"As I made clear in our Nintendo Press Conference Roundtable, I felt Nintendo’s unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS was completely underwhelming. Not only did they inadequately convey what exactly the 3DS could do for games, but they also failed almost entirely in demonstrating any games. Luckily, actually being able to try out some of the demos on the show floor paints an entirely different picture, and really demonstrates what this hardware can do.
One of the best showcases for the technology was an ‘alternate reality’ game called Target Shooting. This game makes excellent use of the 3DS’s features in ways I haven’t seen before. Here’s how it works: you point the 3DS’s out-facing camera so that it can see a printed Question Mark block (from Mario) placed on a table in front of you (in the real world), which you can see on the Nintendo 3DS’s top-screen. After a quick calibration process, that question mark block vanishes from the screen completely and becomes a virtual canvas on which the game is played. Now keep in mind that this “canvas” resides within the “real world”--that is, you can still see your physcial room outside the boundary of the virtual landscape, blurring the lines of fantasy and actuality.
At first, a tree and three targets popped up. To aim, you physically move the 3DS around in actual space to position the targets in the center of the screen, as if they were actually there. You can move the 3DS closer or further and even side-to-side--basically anything you need to do in order to get the targets on-screen.
After I destroyed those three, the virtual landscape magically transformed before my eyes, causing a deep recession to appear in the ground. The game then instructed me to “look” into the hole. I then actually stood up and moved my 3DS directly over the hole (or in real life, the Question Mark block on the table) and found my final
target, which I was then able to blast. Let me be frank: this blew my mind. Actually moving the 3DS around as if it were a window into another world really does feel out-of-this-world.The demo concluded with a stone statue of a dragon coming to life, with its weakpoints covered in red. Most of them were easily shot, but the last few were
located on its tail, which were almost  impossible to aim at while facing the dragon. In order to target them, I actually had to circle the table (in real life!) to attack it from behind, as well as avoid its lunge attacks which felt amazingly visceral. It looks like that dragon’s actually lunging at you! Pretty amazing stuff.
In short, this demo was magical. Sure, there wasn’t much to it, except for an insane amount of potential that I can only imagine some future 3DS game will fully realize. I don’t normally say things like this, but if you weren’t excited by the 3DS before, you should be."

1) To start this demo, players had to point the Nintendo 3DS at a question mark card lying on a mat, an island with archery targets popped out of the ground. Player fired arrows with the A button and physically moved around the card to aim. Arrows would arc down onto to the targets, which looked further away since it was in 3D. Kill the dragon to win.

2) AR Games compilation of several augmented reality mini-games and simple tools, which is pre-installed on every Nintendo 3DS, along with 6 paper cards that interact with certain games. Five of the six cards have a picture of a character on them, consisting of Mario, Link, Kirby, Pikmin, and Samus. The sixth one is a question mark box from the Super Mario Bros. series. Nintendo has also published downloadable versions of this card in larger sizes. By scanning the cards, real time graphics are augmented onto live footage. It is also possible to take 3D photos of Nintendo characters, using any to all 6 AR Cards, as well as their Miis.Target shooting is one of these AR games. Some AR cards are also compatible with other Nintendo 3DS games including Nintendogs + Cats, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Pokedex 3D Pro, Freakyforms: Your Creations, Alive! and Tetris: Axis. 

3) First augmented reality game is The Sword of Damocles (1968). First mobile augmented realuty game is ARQuake. First home AR game is The Eye of Judgment.
4) First stereoscopic 3D game is SubRoc-3D. First stereoscopic 3D handheld game is Cosmo Lemans.

5) First autostereoscopic TV (3D without glasses) was shown at CES 1994 by Sanyo.

6) Game is not emulated.

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