Starship 1

Starship 1 (arcade) 1976


Advanced 3D graphics


Monochrome game with overlay

Arcade system: Atari 6502 Black & White Raster

Starship 1 arcade

Gameplay video

Starship 1
Earliest Magazine review - Coin cionnection (1977)
Starship 1
Magazine review - Videogaming Illustrated (1982)


1) The enemy ships are roughly patterned after ships from the Star Trek: The Original Series and the title is from the show's 1967 episode "The Doomsday Machine".
2) Starship 1 was one of many mid-1970's Atari games such as Night Driver, Sprint 2 and Drag Race which were often found at carnivals and bowling alleys. Kids would flock to these establishments just to get an opportunity to play the games rather than the primary source of entertainment they offered. When the 80's arrived, video games could be found everywhere including grocery stores and kids didn't have to go very far to play their favorite game.

3) Game uses a half-silvered mirror to reflect the image over a black light lit space background. The monitor has a target crosshairs taped directly onto the monitor. Game use raster monitor. The player does not view the game monitor directly; the monitor is recessed in the cabinet, and the player views a reflected image of the monitor in a half-silvered mirror with a space background.

4) Game has a record as the second ever gaming easter egg in the world -by triggering the cabinet's controls in the right order, the player can have the message "Hi Ron!" appear on the title screen. (first easter egg ever was in the text video game Colossal Cave Adventure (1976) (it includes several secret words - one of these is "xyzzy", a command which enables the player to move between two points in the game world).

5) Emulated in: MAME

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