Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury

Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury (Windows)  1999


Advanced facial motion capture (first performance capture)


Cancelled game

Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury

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Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury
Magazine preview - Computer and videogames (1997)

1) Probably one of the most legendary cancelled video game.
2) Motion capture data could not be imported into Lightwave 3D program, so time had to be spent developing a plug in for Lightwave. Another problem with the motion capture was that several motion capture houses could not deliver enough data for the developer. The game went through two motion capture houses before finding a house that could deliver the required data. By this time, Secret of Vulcan Fury had cost Interplay millions of dollars. Interplay then had a horrible financial quarter, forcing them to cut projects and 50 employees. Half the artists on the project were let go and the others eventually left. Later, the game was cancelled completely.
3) Due to all the setbacks, the game was not even close to being finished when it was cancelled. Developer John McGinley state that estimates about 5% was finished.
4) There was also an interactive demo made for E3 in 1998, however that was not released to the public.
5) The game was going to be point-and-click adventure. One website described it as being similar to LucasArt's "Full Throttle".
6) Secret of Vulcan Fury was going to feature voice work from ALL of the original cast. William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, James Doohan, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, George Take and DeForest Kelley all provided their voices for the game.
7) After "Roughnecks" CGI series was finished, Paramount seriously considered making a CGI series based on the Original Star Trek series. There were also two video tests from the project that were leaked to the public. The first one is of Kirk's head, while the second is of Spock doing Joe Pesci's lines from the movie Goodfellas. Paramount eventually decided not to do the project.
8) The storyline was written D. C. Fontana, who was a writer on both Star Trek: The Original Series and season one of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and the script was directed by John Meredyth Lucas who had previously written and directed episodes of The Original Series.

9) From official site: Star Trek: Secret of Vulcan Fury presents a new epic Star Trek adventure featuring the crew of the USS Enterprise from the original Star Trek television series. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura return for a classic adventure that takes players deep into the mysterious past of the Vulcan and Romulan races. The story of Secret of Vulcan Fury was written by veteran Trek writer D.C. Fontana, who authored not only classic episodes of the original series but several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the best-selling Star Trek novel "Vulcan's Glory". Gene Roddenberry’s vision of the 23rd century comes to life in Secret of Vulcan Fury as an unbelievable spectacle of vision, sound and intriguing game play. Trekkers around the world will step into the original Star Trek series in a way never before possible.
Enemies and allies, both old and new, will play pivotal roles. Players will be faced with challenging obstacles and thought-provoking puzzles. They will find it necessary to team with unlikely partners for the sake of preserving peace within the United Federation of Planets and discovering the Secret of Vulcan Fury.
10) Plot: Thousands of years ago, in the midst of civil war, the Vulcans split into two peoples-- the Vulcans and those who would become the Romulans. During the war, the Vulcans used a space station called "Fury" to destroy the Romulan Fleets. The station drew it's power from the twin planets and it's operation required a Vulcan to mind meld with the station. Following the destruction of their Fleets, the surviving Romulans fled to settle several planets and establish the Romulan Star Empire. After thousands of years the Romulans have bid to establish peace with Vulcan. The USS Enterprise is to provide security for the peace conference on Vulcan. The peace conference, however, is a ruse. The Romulan intention is to find and control the "Fury".

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