Star Rider

Star Rider (arcade) 1983


First LaserDisc video game with 3D graphics


Arcade system: Midway Videodisk

Star Rider arcade

Gameplay video

Star Rider arcade
picture from manual

Magazine Review -Big K (1984)

Star Rider
Magazine review- Electronic Games (1984)
Star Rider
Magazine review - Video Games Player (1984)

1) A laser disc motorcycle race game that takes place on different planets in outer space.
2) The tracks themselves and the background graphics are video played from a laserdisc. The foreground graphics and racers are superimposed on the video. This technique enabled better visuals than other games of the period.
3) First few lines of NTSC video signal contained data about the roadway, so that animated riders could appear to follow the track.

4) Game is not emulated.

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