Softporn Adventure

Softporn Adventure (Apple 2)  1981


First adult game (text game), first game banned for minors, first text profanity in games


Silent, monochrome game

Softporn Adventure

Gameplay video

Magazine review - "ANTIC"    DECEMBER 1982  Reviewed by Davey Saba
"When you get tired of shoot 'em up attacks, Softporn Adventures by ONLINE SYSTEMS could be a refreshing break. Since I am not interested in dragons or wizards (forgive me), Softporn is the way I spent my first adventure game dollars. It has been an unusual and entertaining experience.
The object of the game is to meet and seduce three attractive ladies. This adventure takes place in the distant future at the computer-generated city of Las Vegas. You will have to make money to survive, and to buy the affection of the women. There is only one way to make money hereС gamble at the casino. The casino offers blackjack and slot machines. The instructions say the odds are better at the slots, but I have made much more money at the 21 table.
Once you acquire a good-sized sum of money, you are on your way. WARNING! Money goes fast here (a shot of whisky is $100), but don't forget it's the year 2020 A.D. The three main places you can go are the casino, the bar, and the disco. You can travel by taxi, or one other clever way, which you will enjoy finding yourself.
When you are killed (and you will be, often), you go to a black purgatory. There you find three doors. One will take you back to the game unharmed, another takes the game to hell (where it's system reset time), and the third leaves you in purgatory. One easy way to get to purgatory is to run out of money, so be careful on that account! There are many other ways to go to purgatory, some unbelievably hilarious! Softporn uses the standard two-word command situation, and sometimes your language will get you into trouble.
A small instruction folder accompanies the diskette, and gives minimal directions to get started. From there you are on your own. Even though my favorite game is still Centipede, Softporn is a welcome addition to my software library. May Lady Luck be with you!"

1) The player (playing a down-on-his-luck party animal) searches for certain items that will allow him to win the affections of three beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful) women. Creator Benton claimed that parts of the game were based on his own life.
2) Years later, Softporn Adventure inspired the "Leisure Suit Larry" series of adult-oriented videogames, and the first entry in that series, 1987's "Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards", was a nearly direct graphical adaptation of Softporn Adventure.
3) Neighbors disliked the game's erotic content, and the company received hate mails.
4) Customers asked for a version for women, but Benton could not find a female collaborator.
5) Ken Williams, On-Line Systems' founder, swears that at a time when Apple had only sold 100,000 Apple II computers, Sierra had sold 25,000 copies of Softporn Adventure. Game was probably played by the highest percentage of computer owners of any game in history.
6) The game's cover features three scantily clad women in a hot tub and a male waiter. The hot tub is actually that of On-Line Systems' owners Ken and Roberta Williams. From left to right, the first woman is Diane Siegel, On-Line's production manager. The second is Susan Davis, On-Line's bookkeeper and the wife of Bob Davis, the creator of "Ulysses and the Golden Fleece" game. The waiter was Rick Chipman, an actual waiter from a local restaurant, The Broken Bit. The woman on the far right is Roberta Williams. The ad was considered somewhat scandalous at the time.

7) First text profanity in games -you can write word "fuck" and similar words and game will understand it.

8) First voiced profanity in videogames watch Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers (1993).

9) First game with nudity is Yakyuken.       

10) First banned game was Chiller second banned game was Mortal Kombat.    

11) Game was pulled within months from On-Line’s advertised catalog, but the circulation of the game was sustained for years between friends and computer communities.

12) Emulated in: AppleWin

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