Sim Drive

Sim Drive (arcade) 1992


First game to use Gouraud shading


Game is lost

Arcade system: Namco System 22

Sim Drive arcade
Picture of cabinet
Sim Drive arcade
Magazine article

1) SimDrive uses the actual body of Mazda Eunos RoadStar along with a large projection screen. It was actually developed and did appear on AM show, and was previewed by the November 1992 issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. Sim Drive had a limited Japanese release in December 1992, but did not get a mass-market release. Namco re-worked it into popular Ridge Racer arcade game, released the following year in 1993.
2) SimDrive used a curved wrap-around screen for the display.

3) Gouraud shading is an interpolation method used in computer graphics to produce continuous shading of surfaces represented by polygon meshes. In practice, Gouraud shading is most often used to achieve continuous lighting on triangle surfaces by computing the lighting at the corners of each triangle and linearly interpolating the resulting colours for each pixel covered by the triangle.

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