Shark Jaws

Shark Jaws (arcade)  1975


Advanced animated characters, first unlicensed game based on a movie 


Monochrome game with color overlay

Arcade system: Atari Discrete Logic

Shark Jaws arcade
ORIGINAL POSTER with screenshot

Gameplay video

Shark Jaws arcade
Magazine review - Videogames (1982)

1) Unlicensed video game version of horror movie Jaws (1975). It's a conversion of the arcade game "Tank" (1974).

2) Similar arcade game released in late 1975, called Maneater, which had a little better animation,

3) First game with animated character was Mouse in the Maze (1959).

4) First licensed game based n a movie was Superman (1978), first unlicensed game based on a TV show was Star Trek (1971).

5) Emulated in: DICE

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