Scramble (IBM Simon)  1993


First mobile phone game, first touchscreen game


Monochrome game

imb simon  scramble
Original cover art

Gameplay video

Phone and cover art


1) The Simon Personal Communicator (IBM Simon) was the first personal digital assistant to include telephony features.

2) First (monochrome) smartphone - allowing a user to make and receive telephone calls, facsimiles, emails and cellular pages including faxes, also featured many applications like an address book, calendar, appointment scheduler, calculator, world time clock, electronic notepad, handwritten annotations, and standard and predictive stylus input screen keyboards.

3) IBM Simon had its coming-out party on Nov. 2, 1993, at a telecommunications trade show at Disney World in Orlando. Officially released in 1994.

4) Has optional PCMCIA pager card designed by Motorola, an RS232 adapter cable for use with PC-Link to access files from a personal computer, and an RJ11 adapter cable to allow voice and data calls to be made over POTS land-lines. The RJ11 adapter helped users reduce expensive cellular phone bills or make calls where cellular coverage didn't exist yet in 1994.

5) Operating system: Simon used the file system from Datalight ROM-DOS along with file compression from Stacke.

6) Another early phone with built in game was monochrome Hagenuk MT-2000 (1994) with Tetris.

7) First special handheld game console with touchscreen was monochrome (1997) with it's first game Lights Out. (pictures below)

8) Last monochrome game on this website.

9) Game is not emulated.

10) First touchpad tablet (lightpen) was invented in 1957 (called Stylator) (picture below).

Light Pen (Stylator)                                               Hagenuk MT-2000                              Game.Com (Lights Out)

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