Scene of the Crime

Scene of the Crime (Control-vision)  1986

First game on a videotape



Gameplay video ( Presentation of the game (the only known footage)

1) A four-minute interactive mystery, the prototype of "Night Trap" game (released om Sega CD in 1992, and other platforms later).
2) The Control-Vision (originally codenamed NEMO) was an unreleased video game console.
The team created a prototype which used a modified ColecoVision console to combine interactive images with a video stream transmitted through a cable. As a storage medium Nemo employed VHS tapes that contained computer data and multiple tracks of video and audio. Hasbro abandoned the project. Zito (developer) purchased the rights to the games and stored everything in a Rhode Island warehouse.

3) For more games that used video footage, watch Wild Gunman (1974).

4) Game is not emulated.

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