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First over-the-shoulder viewpoint

 Resident Evil 4

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 Resident Evil 4
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Beta story (2003) Gamecube magazine

Resident Evil 4
Earliest Magazine preview - GamePro australia (2003)
resident evil 4
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Magazine preview - Games tm Australia (2004)

Resident Evil 4
Magazine review - Games tm (2008)

Magazine review - Games tm Australia (2005)

Resident Evil 4
Magazine preview - GMR (2003)

Magazine preview - GMR (2004)

Magazine commercial  - GMR (2005)

Magazine review - GMR (2005)

Resident Evil 4
Magazine preview (2004)

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1) Trick: Point the laser cursor to zombie faces long enough and sometimes they'll raise the hands to cover themselves.
2) Trick: Take out the knife and hit any cow 6 times. The cow fights back by stabing Leon with the horns. It makes damage but it wont kill you even if you bar is empty. Even more, the cow you stabbed always will attack every time you get close to it.
3) Looking at the rays of light shining through windows and other places is possible to see the small dust particles dancing in the air.
4) You can shoot the crows when they are flying. It's hard but the falling animation is very realistic.
5) After the fight with Del Lago is possible to freely roam in the lake, you can harpoon the fish and pick them up by getting the boat near them.

6) Ashley panties are not a simple white texture. Developers went the extra mile and made a decoration to the top part.
7) First hinted at in early December 1999, Resident Evil 4, which underwent a lengthy development time during which at least four proposed versions of the game were discarded. Developer Mikami felt it strayed too far from the series' survival horror roots and gradually convinced all of the staff members to make the game independent from it. Kamiya eventually rewrote the story to be set in a world full of demons and changed the hero's name to Dante. The cast of characters remained largely identical to that in Sugimura's scenario, although the hero's mother and his father, the latter an early version of the Umbrella Corporation founder Lord Ozwell E. Spencer, were written out of the story. The separate game's new title was revealed as "Devil May Cry", released for the PlayStation 2 in August 2001, resulting in its own franchise.
8) "Best-Selling Survival Horror Game" in the 2012 Guinness World Records Gamer's Edition.
9) The over-the-shoulder viewpoint introduced in Resident Evil 4 has later become standard in third-person shooters, including titles ranging from Gears of War to Batman: Arkham Asylum. It has also become a standard "precision aim" feature for action games in general, with examples ranging from Dead Space and Grand Theft Auto 4 to the Ratchet & Clank Future series.While working on "The Last of Us", developers Naughty Dog took cues from Resident Evil 4, particularly the tension and action. (First this viewpoint used as shooting mode in the game Small Soldiers (1998) and Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (2002).
10) The story is supposed to take place in Spain, but the Spanish spoken by the village people is the Mexican dialect (which has a very different pronunciation). But uniform of police and other small things is spanish.
11) The Matilda handgun was named after the character with the same name from the movie Leon: The Professional (1994).
12) To not anger the new Japanese bureau of youth protection CERO, Capcom censored Residen Evil 4 in terms of violence as well as the physics of Ashleys breast.

13) Chainsaw zombies was influenced by zombies from Doom 3.

14) Emulated in: Dolphin. Also Windows version with high resolution graphics was released in 2014.

15) Strange "Merchant" character is just a villager who interested in money (as writtenin Strategy Guide) (picture below).

 Resident Evil 4

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