Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean (arcade)  2001


First game with multiple combined surround screens


Arcade system: unique.

Gameplay video


 Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold


1) Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for Buccaneer Gold is 3D DisneyQuest attraction inspired by the Disneyland ride Pirates of the Caribbean. It replaced Hercules in the Underworld. In this game, players ride a pirate ship and have a sea battle with other pirate ships. Up to five players can play, with one steering the ship and up to four others manning the cannons.

2) With one guest steering at a real helm, the other three guests man six real cannons to defeat virtual enemy pirate ships, forts, sea monsters and ghostly skeletons to collect and defend as much gold as possible in the five minute experience. Pirates uses wrap-around 3D screens, 3D surround sound, and a motion platform boat to fully engage the guest as a pirate.

3) The initial hook of the adventure is in the form of a non-interactive sequence where Jolly Roger the Ghost Pirate explains the roles of the captain and gunners, encourages the players to sink many pirate ships in order to get their gold, and then does a 3D close up gag, followed by a motion base gag. After that, the guests are in complete control, and the pacing of the show is mostly governed by the weenies, the guide ships, and the sneak attacks. These combine to give a nice balance between action, and short periods of calm. Guests fight the guide ships, the sneak attack ships, and the ships in other interesting encounters at the islands. Each island is a scenario, with a little story and a couple secrets: 

4) The experience ends one of two ways: either the guests defeat Jolly Roger, and enter a victory lagoon where they can now shoot fireworks from their cannons, or Jolly Roger defeats the guests, and our boat explodes as giant skulls swirl around us, and we sink to the bottom of the ocean where sharks swim over our wreckage. 

5) Use of a motion base gives guests a unique experience of feeling every cannonball hit, every wave, and the bites of attacking sea monsters. Localized 3D surround sound and tactile speakers create a wide sound bed of cannonballs whizzing by, crew yelling from the rigging, and boat creaks underfoot. Strobe lights help create the explosion of a direct cannonball hit on the helm. 3D stereo glasses not only put the action in your face, but also make the projector screens disappear, creating a very convincing virtual world. 

6) First game with a few surround screens was TX-1.

7) Game is not emulated.

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