Pac-Land (arcade)  1984


Advanced parallax scrolling, first standart platformer with parallax


Arcade system: Namco Pacland


Gameplay video

Magazine review- Electronic Games (1985)

1) Game had major influence on Super Mario Bros (1985).
2) This game was influenced by Hanna-Barbera's Pac-Man cartoon, which ran from 1982-84. The character designs and music are taken directly from the show. The background music that plays during the levels is the same as the cartoon's theme song.
3) The Japanese vesrion also has some minor graphical differences to the Midway version. Pac-Man's nose is longer, and the hat he wears has a feather in it. Also, when Pac-Man completes a stage and returns home to his family, only Ms. Pac-Man and Baby Pac-Man are waiting to greet him. Chomp-Chomp and Sour Puss, the pet dog and cat who appear in both the Midway sets and the cartoon on which the game is based, are both missing.

4) Emulated in: MAME

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