Natural selection 2 prototype

Natural selection 2 prototype (Windows)   2006      


First dynamic infestation technology

Gameplay video

1) Natural Selection 2 is a multi-player, team oriented video game which combines first-person shooter and real-time strategy rules. It is set in a science fiction universe in which a human team fights an alien team for control of resources and territory in large and elaborate indoor facilities.
2) On early development period in 2006 game was based on Half-Life 2 Source engine. On July 10, 2008, developers team "Unknown Worlds" announced their move from the Source Engine, so real dynamic infestation is not included in final game, which was released in 2012 for Windows),
3) Dynamic infestation - game mechanic that dictates territory expansion. It is a large mass of bacterial growth which spreads onto props and the terrain. The main thing alien infestation in the game  does is simply control who can build bases there: Aliens can only place structures on infestation, and Marines can only place structures on non-infested surfaces.

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