I'm Your Man

I'm Your Man (DVD player) 1998


First game for DVD players

I'm Your Man dvd game
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1) Another DVD player game released in 1998 was DVD version of Dragon's Lair.

2) I'm Your Man is a 20 minutes short film made in 1992, which was created to showcase Loews Theatres' interactive cinema technology. Audiences used seat-mounted joysticks to vote between three options in action at six different points throughout the movie. In 1998 it was released as DVD game. This special edition is the DVD adaptation of said movie and comes with a number of extras: outtakes, a documentary, notes, storyboards, trailers and director's commentary.

3) The film was shot on 16mm Kodak film, transferred to laser disc, and digitally projected to allow for nearly seamless transitions when audiences made their choices.

4) Game features three main characters: Jack, Leslie and Richard, and the gameplay revolve around choosing from which of the characters' perspective the story should unfold. The story involves all three characters going to a party where Leslie attempts to meet up with an FBI agent to deliver information about Richard's money siphoning scam. Richard knows about this and goes to the party to prevent her from doing so.

5) There was also DVD player mini-games in 1997. On DVD release of the film "The Adventures of Pinocchio", 2 simple games included as bonus.

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