Hogan's Alley

Hogan's Alley (NES)   1984


First rail shooter.

Hogan's Alley nes

Gameplay video

Hogan's Alley nes
NES (nintendo entertaiment sistem)


Review - Nintendo times (1986)
No longer are you using joysticks as the two rectangular controllers that come bundled in utilize a cross pad to move around in four directions and two red action buttons “A” and “B” that perform various actions depending on the games. In addition, the NES Deluxe Base Package (as Nintendo is now calling it) contains a Zapper light gun that allows gamers to take aim at the TV and shoot down ducks in Duck Hunt (included in the box) or take down bad guys in games like Hogan’s Alley.

1) It was one of the first games to use a light gun as an input device. The game presents players with "cardboard cut-outs" of villains and innocent civilians. The player must shoot the villains and spare the innocent people.
2) Game name origins - According to the FBI, they "borrowed it from the 'Hogan's Alley' comic strip of the 1800s. The alley was located in a rough neighborhood, so we thought the name fit our crime-ridden town." While the comic strip was almost certainly the original source of the name, the Camp Perry facility was probably the more immediate source of the name. The Camp Perry facility re-opened in 1956, and was probably used by the FBI. In 1987, approximately three years after the release of the this game, the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia established a small, simulated city called Hogan's Alley to serve as a venue for training operations. Hogans alley can be seen in movie "Silence of the lambs".

3) Rail shooters (Subgenre of "Shoot 'em up" (Space Invaders) limit the player to moving around the screen while the game follows a specific route; these games often feature an "into the screen" viewpoint, with which the action is seen from behind the player character, and moves "into the screen", while the player retains control over dodging.The term "rail shooter" is also often applied to light gun shooters that use "on-rails" movement.

4) Emulated in: Nestopia

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