Hi-Ten Bomberman

Hi-Ten Bomberman (custom NEC computer with Turbografx-16)


First HD game -1035i resolution (1920 x 1035), first 16:9 widescreen game

Hi-Ten Bomberman

Gameplay video

Hi-Ten Bomberman
Hi-Ten Bomberman
custom NEC computer andTurbografx-16

1) Designed for Japan's analog HDTV standard called Hi-Vision which used a resolution of 1035i (japanese HD TV format) with a 16:9 widescreen format.

2) Hi-Ten Bomberman's controller input was handled by two NEC PC-Engine CoreGrafx consoles (TurboGrafx-16 in the U.S.), each handling 5 players via multi-taps.
3) Custom high-end PC / workstation / custom boards, which later became Hudson's 32-Bit 'Project Tatsujin' (aka Iron Man) prototype that used for this game was later stripped down & modified into the PC-FX console that released in 1994. The PC-FX was not capable of running games in HD.
4) Only a total of 5 Hi-Ten Bomberman units were built, each unit costed 200,000,000¥ to manufacture (200 000 dollars).
5) As of 2010, the game was in possession at Hudson Soft's Japanese headquarters. However, it may possibly be in possession at Konami's headquarters since the merger between Hudson Soft and Konami in 2012.
6) "Hi-Ten" comes from "high-definition" and "ten-player".
7) Unreleased for mass market.

8) I'ts the first game higher than Pong (1972) in screen resolution. (First officially released game with 1024x768 resolution was strategy game Battle Isle 2220:Shadow of the Emperor (1995) for Windows. Also motorbike game Cyberbykes (for DOS) was released in 1995 with resolution 1280x1024. (game supported old VR headsets).

9) First 2K resolution game is Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2 (1997).

10) Game is not emulated.

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