Gun Smoke

Gun Smoke (arcade)   1975                                                  


Second holographic game


Arcade system: unique

gun smoke kasco

Gameplay video

Cabinet art


1) Player is armed with a rifle and must try to out-draw a wild West gunslinger who stands inside the swinging doors of a saloon. If the player wins the draw, the 3-D gunslinger falls into the dust; if the player loses, he stands triumphant with his six-shooter still smoking. Both alternatives are contained in the 3-D action of the hologram, giving it the appearance of holographic movie action.
2) It was a hit in Japan, selling 6,000 cabinets there, but only 750 cabinets were sold in the US.
3) The game is displayed at the Museum of Holography.
4) It was followed by two more holographic Kasco gun games, Samurai and Bank Robber, released between 1975 and 1977, as well as a 1976 Midway clone, Top Gun. They predated the first Specular (mirror) holographic video games, Sega's
Time Traveler  (1991) and Holosseum (1992). First holographic game was Road Runner (1971).

5) Game is not emulated.

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