Galaxian (arcade)   1979


Improved enemy AI (enemy ships frequently break out of formation to dive towards the player,making it the first game to feature enemies with individual personalities), advanced complex enemy patterns and richer graphics than previous games, first true color game


Arcade system: Namco Galaxian


Gameplay video

Earliest ARTICLE FROM "The Milwaukee Journal" 1980

First  Review.
New-York times, October 25, 1981   By Aaron Latham
"Her name was Barbara Eisen and she worked next door to the games arcade in the jeans store. One day, Mike stopped in to buy a pair of overalls. Barbara, who is under five feet tall, and Mike, who stands six feet, started talking. Soon Mike invited the micro jeans saleswoman, who is so small she could have stepped out of a micro world, next door to the games arcade.
Barbara's game was Galaxian, which is essentially a souped-up Space Invaders with faster aliens. Barbara had learned to play this Japanese game, which is distributed by Bally, with her identical twin sister. They were almost identically good at the game. When Mike and Barbara started playing the game, they turned out to be fairly evenly matched, too, video being a great leveler.
And so began the Great Galaxian War. This time Mike's game goal was just to beat Barbara. He had moments of gaudy Galaxian glory, but she was generally the more consistent player."


1) The game's plot consists of a title screen that displayed the message "WE ARE THE GALAXIANS / MISSION: DESTROY ALIENS". The Galaxian starship travels galaxy in search of aliens.
2) Sounds from this game was later used in the Pac-Man.
3) Galaxian was the first video game to be released with 100 percent of it's graphics displayed in true R.G.B. color.

4) Article from Milwaukee Journal (above) mentioned development of unreleased  "TV video games" (predecessor of built in smart TV video games).

5) Emulated in: MAME

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