The Eye of Judgment

The Eye of Judgment  (PlayStation 3)  2007


First modern augmented reality game, first home augmented reality game

The Eye of Judgment

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PlayStation Eye
PlayStation Eye
The Eye of Judgment
Magazine commercial- PlayStation 2 Official Australia (2007)

Review - (2007)

"Eye of Judgment fuses two different games into one package. On one hand, you have the videogame portion with monsters fighting. On the other, you have the card game portion where you use your mind to plan the next move. While the unlikely duo sounds confusing and complicated, it is easier to understand when the new PlayStation Eye is involved in the mix. The cards, made by Wizards of the Coast, are "read" by the Eye and will appear on the TV via the PlayStation 3. You summon monsters to the screen and watch the battles take place in high-def rather than use beads to count damage on the card surfaces. What's Hot The concept of using cards and making them "materialize" is something straight out of Saturday morning cartoons. The ability of the PlayStation Eye to even be able to read the cards is rather astounding in itself. Getting all the pieces and components set-up is easy and no extra hassle, you just need to figure out where to store it all. For fans of card games, the gameplay is good. The creatures and spell cards are varied enough that unique, nuanced strategies are possible. The elemental tiles of the playing field add another dimension that can either hinder of benefit you in the blink of an eye. Setting up a match, online or off, provides you with a ton of options to customize to speed up or slow down the flows of battles, turn off animations, or place strict time limits on turns. Tweaking the options around is a great feature because you can make minor changes that enhance the card play for you and your friends. The visuals of the game are impressive. Not only does the PlayStation Eye read the cards quickly, it can do it in less-than-optimal lighting. Aside from the camera quality, the creatures and battlefields are beautiful in their own right. Particle effects and creature models are expertly modeled and come to life as soon as the cards (with equally impressive artwork) hit the mat. What sets Eye of Judgment apart from the rest of the holiday line-up is how unique the game is. You won't find an similar experience within the same universe as Eye of Judgment. The ability to head online and battle other card masters from around the globe with a system that is just as unique as the gameplay should put you on your toes. To cut down on cheating, there is an elaborate system to keep the game even keel. What's Not The ingenious online system does cut down on cheating but there is little point to use the PlayStation Eye after all the checks. Even though the system draws your cards, you still need to put them on the mat, making an unnecessary step… necessary. There are more minor annoyances, attempting to first get online, that accumulate into a larger gripe. Playing all by your lonesome will grow old rather quickly. You have to play with another human or online to fully enjoy the title. If you have no way of getting online or don't know any fellow card game lovers, the lack of diverse gameplay modes don't give for longevity when battling solo. The background music is a generic rock beat and while it semi-sets the mood, it will get on your nerves. If you hate card games, then Eye of Judgment won't change your mind, even as cool as the gimmick is. Conventionally speaking, the game moves at a snail pace even when you adjust the settings slightly. This could be frustrating for the non-hardcore users and circles back to the fact this is an extremely niche title. Final Word Eye of Judgment is unlike anything the gaming world has seen yet. There are all the hallmarks that could lead to a dedicated community, thanks to the inclusion of the crucial online component. EoJ proves innovation is alive and well on the PlayStation 3. Card fans will be enthralled by the elegantly simple gameplay that allows for some nuanced and intricate strategies. We found the game to be innovative and entertaining from start to finish, especially with the PlayStation Eye playing a central role. Hopefully, there will be other decks and cards down the road that can give strategists more layers to find the perfect combinations for beating their opponents. Eye of Judgment is aimed at a specific audience so that doesn't make it for everyone. Those that are curious might find themselves converts because of the high level of polish. True gamers owe it to themselves to play one of the most unique titles ever to be released."

1) The Eye of Judgment is the first game to use the PlayStation Eye input device. Bundled with the game, the peripheral was launched at the same date.Through use of an included "9 Fields" table mat featuring 3x3 rectangular grid, and special trading cards encoded with CyberCode matrix code; players conquer a playfield by employing various creatures and spells, taking turns playing cards of their choice strategically on the mat, and performing actions through gestures that are captured through the PlayStation Eye camera, which is mounted on a special stand (also included with the game).
2) Game is resembling of the first console games on Magnavox Odyssey console (1972), when you playing real playing cards simultaneously with video game.

3) First augmented reality game is The Sword of Damocles (1968).

4) More more games with camera watch  EyeToy: Play (2003).

5) Game is not emulated.

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