Dungeon (PDP-10)   1975


First RPG game to use "line of sight", first auto-mapping and NPC's with discrete AI


Game is lost.

Silent, monochrome game.


1) The game was an unlicensed implementation of the new tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and described the movements of a multi-player party through a monster-inhabited dungeon. Players chose what actions to take in combat and where to move each character in the party, which made the game very slow to play by today's standards.

2) Many colleges viewed video games as gimmicks to interest students in computers, but wanted only small, fast-play examples to minimize games actual use to reserve time for math and science research. As a result, in the early 1970s' maximum size of 32K that many colleges set as a limit on games, had been downgraded on some campuses to as little as 16K.

3) Line of sight is the visibility (that is, who can see what) on the playing field in wargames and some role-playing games (RPGs). Many abilities can only be used on entities within a character's line of sight. In some games, miniature figures are used to determine line of sight. Many wargames use counters to represent units and determine line of sight. A common technique is to hold a length of thread between two counters. If the thread, held straight, doesn't encounter any obstacles, the line of sight is valid.

4) Altough it's a text video game, It use of computer graphics consisted of top-down dungeon maps that showed the portions of the playfield the party had seen, allowing for light or darkness, the different "infravision" abilities of elves, dwarves, etc.

5) Not to be confused with game Dungeon (1975) on Plato.

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