Descent (DOS)   1994


Advanced 3D textured environments, advanced enemies in full 3D using polygon meshes (a technique employed by Quake one year later), first static lighting scheme, advanced dynamic lighting (where the environment could be lit with flares), first portal rendering, first nearest-neighbor texture filtering


Gameplay video

Magazine review - Computer and videogames (1995)
Magazine review - - Computer and videogames (1996)

1) Descent's unique movement controls also increase the possibility for players to experience motion sickness or nausea – a common complaint found in reviews for the game.
2) The first three levels begins on the Moon, the next two on Venus, and two more on Mercury. The software renderer also uses nearest-neighbor texture filtering, as opposed to bilinear filtering or trilinear filtering used by modern video cards. Nearest-neighbor texture filtering causes aliasing artifacts, such as blocky textures. These rendering compromises allowed the game to be played on most PCs contemporary with it, while better rendering techniques would have prevented it from being run on any but the most powerful gaming PCs in 1994.
3) The game was originally titled Inferno and was to take place in space stations rather than mines.
4) Support for VR Head mounted displays (Virtual I-O's Iglasses! head tracking and stereoscopic 3D in 320x400 mode).

5) A polygon mesh is a collection of vertices, edges and faces that defines the shape of a polyhedral object in 3D computer graphics and solid model

6) In computer-generated imagery and real-time 3D computer graphics, portal rendering is an algorithm for visibility determination. For example, consider a 3D computer game environment, which may contain many polygons, only a few of which may be visible on screen at a given time. By determining which polygons are currently not visible, and not rendering those objects, significant performance improvements can be achieved.

7) First game with dynamic lightning was Corporation.     

8) Emulated in: DOSBox                             

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