Dark Edge

Dark Edge (arcade)   1992  


First mirror reflection effect in 3D games


Arcade system: Sega System 32

Dark Edge arcade

Gameplay video

Dark Edge
Magazine preview - Leisure line (1993)

1) It was an early attempt at a 3D fighting game where characters could move in all directions, using the Sega System 32's 3D sprite-scaling technology. Sega's first 3-D one-on-one fighting game.
2) Plot: "In the 25th century, the human beings are allowed to live in the unified world controlled by the ultra large computer. Those tough people who got out of their control now seem to be battling for the sake of their ambitions and desires. Even that battling, however, is controlled and the super-fighter is destined to fall a victim to an assassin sent by the ultra-large computer."

3) Since comprehensive reflections are near impossible to accomplish in real-time on modern graphics hardware, almost all reflections (except the games with Ray tracing) accomplished in video games are a simulation of some sort. Thus the image quality of the reflections will usually be inferior to the rest of the game. For example, the reflection may be at a lower resolution and lower frame rate, or it may be missing details such as trees or characters.

4) Emulated in: MAME (not fully emulated).

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