Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution   (arcade)  1998


First 3D dance rhythm game


Arcade system: Konami Bemani System 573 Analog

Dance Dance Revolution 1998

Gameplay video

Dance Dance Revolution 1998
dance dance revolution
Review (Arcade) (1998-12)

1) Also know as Dancing stage in Europe.
2) Dance Dance Revolution gameplay featuring moving player's feet to a set pattern to music. One player can play using one dance pad (Single mode), two players can play using one dance pad each (Versus mode), or one player can play using both dance pads (Doubles mode). Players must step to the beat, matching their beat to the arrows presented to them on screen by stepping on arrows on a dance stage.
3) Song list includes Carl Douglas and Specials.
4) Many players, in order to better focus on timing and pattern reading, will minimize any extraneous body movement during gameplay. These players are commonly referred to as 'technical', 'tech' or 'perfect attack' (PA) players. However, there are those who prefer style over accuracy, and may incorporate complex or flashy techniques into their play movements. Some dedicated 'freestyle' players will even develop intricate dance routines to perform during a song. Technical players will often practice the most difficult songs for extended periods of time, while freestyle players will choose songs on lower difficulty levels, as to accommodate their desires for easier movement.
5) Many players would tell you that playing at home is an excellent way to practice, and it saves money in the long run compared to playing in the arcade. However, many would also say that a large part of DDR is the experience of dancing in public, and becoming part of a local community. Two players can dance together side-by-side in friendship, the better player offering encouragement to the lesser, or in competition. Crowds may gather while the dance is in progress and become involved. Some players enjoy showing off by looking away from the screen, and dropping to the floor to press arrows with their hands, among other performance techniques.
6) Many news outlets are beginning to report how playing DDR can be good aerobic exercise; some regular players have reported weight loss of 10-50 pounds (5-20 kg). One player reports that including DDR in her day-to-day life resulted in a loss of 95 pounds. It is argued however that the cases of significant weight loss have all been stories where a significantly overweight player loses a few pounds, and then becomes motivated to take action to lose weight, including dieting, and regular gym attendance. Although reports of weight loss have not been scientifically measured, a handful of schools use DDR as a physical education activity, and in Norway, DDR has even been registered as an official sport.
7) Michael Jackson used to own this game (arcade version).
8) European poster of the game is more explicit than american version.

9) First game with floor pad was Athletic World (1986).

10) First rhytm game is Dance Aerobics (1987).

11) Emulated in: MAME (not fully emulated).

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