Cyber Dome

Cyber Dome (arcade)  1992


First arcade augmented reality game


Game is lost

Arcade system: Sega medium scale attraction hardware

cyber dome
Photo of cabinet
cyber dome
Cabinet (if you have better pictures please contruibute
cyber dome
Player's seat

Magazine review


1) 3D light-gun shooter from Sega, featuring early use of AR (augmented reality). Up to 8 players each had their own AR reflective sighting system on their gun. Game is similar to Galaxian 3.

2) Also known as Cyber Dome Super Shooting.

3) Sega would go on to use versions of their mounted shooting systems on their "Ghost Hunters" game in
Joypolis amusement park attraction in 1994 in Tokyo.

4) First augmented reality game is The Sword of Damocles, first augmented reality handheld game is Target shooting.

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