The Colony

The Colony (Macintosh)  1988


Advanced 3D first-person shooter, first full screen poligonal color first person shooter,  first game  to let player move freely through the virtual world while rendering graphics in real time, first stairs in 3D game, first first person shooter with abili to drive a vehicle.

The Colony mac

Gameplay video

The Colony mac
picture from manual
Macintosh computer
Macintosh computer

Magazine Review  - Computer Gaming World (CGW) (1989)
"If you're a purist and like your action games brainless and your adventure games run from the keyboard, this may not be your game. If, however, you are looking for a challenging game that successfully combines the two genres, this is it."

1) Game released in color and monochrome versions.
2) Plot elements in The Colony were most noteably influenced by the movie "Aliens", and some areas and items in the game are based on the movies "2001: A Space Odyssey", and game Battlezone (1980).

3) Other Influence on later first-person shooters is notes (from them you can read about events in the game).

4) First full screen poligonal first-person shooter in color - altough some screen space is used for a compass, map, etc.

5) Emulated in: Mini vMac (not fully emulated).

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