Catacomb 3D

Catacomb 3D (DOS)  1991


First first-person shooter with texture mapping, first poligonal first-person shooter with visible weapon in hands), first first-person shooter with music (only one song), first 3D game with persistent corpses (corpse of an NPC or player character will remain in its death position without disappearing).

Catacomb 3D
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Catacomb 3D
Erliest Magazine review- PC Joker (1993)

1) Plot: The player takes control of the high wizard Petton Everhail, descending into the catacomb of the Towne Cemetery to defeat the evil lich Nemesis and rescue his friend Grelminar.
2) The origins of the games are Catacomb by John Carmack for the PC and Apple II. This is a two-dimensional game utilising a third-person view from above, released in 1989–1990.
3) The engine for this game was later re-used in its sequel, The Catacomb Abyss.
4) Music was later (december 1991) used in Commander Keen: Goodbye Galaxy.
5) First first-person shooter fith texture mapping - walls has textures on it, unlike flat one color walls in previous first-person shooters.

6) Texture mapping is a method for adding detail, surface texture (a bitmap or raster image), or color to a computer-generated graphic or 3D model.

7) Emulated in: DOSBox

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